Clark Field Municipal Airport (KSEP)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 11:20 CDT Springfield (SGF / KSGF) N4129Q PA32 (N4129Q) Departed 11:28 CDT
Mar 19 12:40 CDT Stillwater (KSWO) N9199Z C172 (N9199Z) Departed 13:06 CDT
Mar 19 13:35 CDT Oklahoma City (KPWA) Private Jets Inc OKC393 - Departed 14:00 CDT
Mar 19 17:45 CDT Corpus Christi (CRP / KCRP) N833TX BE58 (N833TX) Departed 18:06 CDT
Mar 19 18:00 CDT Midland (MAF / KMAF) N431MS C550 (N431MS) Departed 16:53 CDT
Mar 21 13:00 CDT Stillwater (KSWO) N265JJ C421 (N265JJ) Departed 14:02 CDT
Mar 21 14:00 CDT Hutchinson (KHUT) N58ZZ B58T (N58ZZ) Departed 14:15 CDT
Mar 21 16:00 CDT Denver (APA / KAPA) N441WF C441 (N441WF) Departed 16:18 CDT
Mar 23 15:20 CDT Houston (KSGR) N48AL T210 (N48AL) Departed 15:28 CDT
Mar 24 15:40 CDT Denver (APA / KAPA) N441WF C441 (N441WF) Departed 15:46 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 13:00 CDT Shreveport (SHV / KSHV) Private Jets Inc OKC393 - Landed

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