Grand Prairie Municipal Airport (KGPM)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 18 18:40 CDT Corsicana (KCRS) N781SP C172 (N781SP) Departed 18:32 CDT
Mar 19 17:00 CDT San Antonio (SAT / KSAT) N522AT TBM7 (N522AT) Departed 18:34 CDT
Mar 20 14:00 CDT Tucson (TUS / KTUS) N8053U PA30 (N8053U) Departed 14:27 CDT
Mar 21 08:00 CDT Amarillo (TDW / KTDW) N719S C182 (N719S) Departed 08:17 CDT
Mar 22 15:00 CDT Pell City (KPLR) N500AL PA46 (N500AL) Departed 16:03 CDT
Mar 22 16:10 CDT Waco (ACT / KACT) N781SP C172 (N781SP) Departed 16:43 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 - San José del Cabo (SJD / MMSD) American Airlines AA1324 B738 (N821NN) Landed 11:07 CDT
Mar 23 - Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW / KDFW) Spirit Airlines NK971 A321 (N685NK) Landed 23:46 CDT

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