Mc Gregor Executive Airport (KPWG)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 10 12:00 CST San Antonio (SAT / KSAT) N360AY LJ35 (N360AY) Departed 12:48 CST
Feb 12 17:45 CST Abilene (ABI / KABI) N734CB BE9L (N734CB) Departed 17:55 CST
Feb 13 08:00 CST Melbourne (MLB / KMLB) N142EB BE20 (N142EB) Departed 08:44 CST
Feb 13 - Galveston (GLS / KGLS) N254PC BE30 (N254PC) Departed 14:09 CST
Feb 13 16:00 CST San Antonio (SAT / KSAT) N50MT SW3 (N50MT) Departed 15:38 CST
Feb 14 17:00 CST Olathe (KIXD) N142EB BE20 (N142EB) Departed 19:08 CST
Feb 14 17:20 CST Houston (KSGR) N21653 C182 (N21653) Departed 17:18 CST
Feb 15 06:30 CST Amarillo (TDW / KTDW) N10QW BE20 (N10QW) Departed 06:32 CST
Feb 15 08:10 CST Houston (HOU / KHOU) N735BZ C182 (N735BZ) Departed 08:29 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 14 21:09 CST Olathe (KIXD) N142EB BE20 (N142EB) Landed

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