Arcadia Municipal Airport (KX06)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 18 10:00 EDT Shelby (KEHO) N2218U PA34 (N2218U) Departed 11:37 EDT
Mar 18 13:30 EDT Stafford (KRMN) N6ZQ LNC4 (N6ZQ) Departed 14:45 EDT
Mar 18 14:55 EDT Stafford (KRMN) N18483 BE33 (N18483) Departed 15:12 EDT
Mar 18 15:15 EDT Macon (MCN / KMCN) N1212W BE9L (N1212W) Departed 15:27 EDT
Mar 18 19:05 EDT Titusville (KTIX) N5924F P28A (N5924F) Departed 19:13 EDT
Mar 20 09:15 EDT Beaver Falls (BFP / KBVI) N6907Y AEST (N6907Y) Departed 09:37 EDT
Mar 20 13:45 EDT Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ / KSRQ) N3547M P28A (N3547M) Departed 13:45 EDT
Mar 24 17:05 EDT Boca Raton (BCT / KBCT) N173KH SR22 (N173KH) Departed 17:13 EDT
Mar 25 08:00 EDT West Palm Beach (LNA / KLNA) N334SA C182 (N334SA) Departed 07:30 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 18 16:54 EDT Key West (EYW / KEYW) N6ZQ LNC4 (N6ZQ) Landed

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