Okeechobee County Airport (KOBE)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 13 09:35 EDT Marathon (KMTH) N222WG BE23 (N222WG) Departed 09:43 EDT
Mar 13 12:00 EDT West Palm Beach (KF45) Flight Safety Academy SFY437 P28A (N8572Z) Departed 12:54 EDT
Mar 14 10:00 EDT Vero Beach (VRB / KVRB) Flight Safety Academy SFY428 P28A (N4445J) Departed 10:10 EDT
Mar 14 - Lakeland (LAL / KLAL) N8876X C182 (N8876X) Departed 13:39 EDT
Mar 14 17:00 EDT Stuart (KSUA) Flight Safety Academy SFY445 - Departed 17:10 EDT
Mar 15 12:10 EDT Gainesville (GNV / KGNV) N8168Q SR22 (N8168Q) Departed 12:14 EDT
Mar 16 08:40 EDT Vero Beach (VRB / KVRB) N22202 C210 (N22202) Departed 07:35 EDT
Mar 16 11:00 EDT Pompano Beach (KPMP) N323JL BE55 (N323JL) Departed 11:00 EDT
Mar 16 11:35 EDT Sebring (KSEF) N2462G C206 (N2462G) Departed 11:41 EDT
Mar 16 13:30 EDT Tampa (KTPF) Cobalt Air CNS912 PC12 (N835AF) Departed 14:18 EDT
Mar 18 12:00 EDT Fort Lauderdale (KFXE) N626CB C172 (N626CB) Departed 12:24 EDT
Mar 19 02:45 EDT Albertville (K8A0) N550MN C550 (N550MN) Departed 02:54 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 16 12:29 EDT West Palm Beach (PBI / KPBI) Cobalt Air CNS912 - Landed
Mar 19 13:04 EDT Naples (APF / KAPF) Airsprint ASP554 - Landed

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