UTC 05:30

Lincoln Regional Karl Harder Field (KLHM)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 13 06:40 PDT Palo Alto (KPAO) N1570C SR22 (N1570C) Departed 06:53 PDT
Jun 13 11:00 PDT Petaluma (KO69) N3117Q P32R (N3117Q) Departed 11:11 PDT
Jun 14 21:00 PDT Modesto (MOD / KMOD) Gama Aviation GAJ871 B350 (N871UP) Departed 21:40 PDT
Jun 15 13:30 PDT Las Vegas (KLVS) FlexJet LXJ526 CL30 (N526FX) Departed 14:58 PDT
Jun 15 13:30 PDT San Jose (SJC / KSJC) Gama Aviation GAJ857 B350 (N857UP) Departed 13:55 PDT
Jun 17 06:35 PDT Palo Alto (KPAO) N1570C SR22 (N1570C) Departed 06:45 PDT
Jun 17 - Lincoln (KLHM) N424TJ H25B (N424TJ) Unknown
Jun 17 11:00 PDT Stockton (KSCK) N424TJ H25B (N424TJ) Departed 11:25 PDT
Jun 17 12:30 PDT North Bend (OTH / KOTH) N6315Q (N6315Q ) Unknown
Jun 17 12:30 PDT Bandon (KS05) N6351Q M20P (N6351Q) Unknown
Jun 18 11:50 PDT Albuquerque (ABQ / KABQ) N9900R EA50 (N9900R) Departed 12:55 PDT
Jun 18 12:15 PDT Burbank (BUR / KBUR) N953GR T206 (N953GR) Departed 12:37 PDT
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