Auburn Municipal Airport (AUN / KAUN)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 05:30 PST Santa Fe (SAF / KSAF) N581VC EA50 (N581VC) Departed 05:21 PST
Jan 17 14:15 PST Sacramento (KSAC) N414BL C414 (N414BL) Departed 14:32 PST
Jan 18 - - Calstar CMD3 EC35 (N891CS) Departed 13:54 PST
Jan 18 - Lincoln (KLHM) N581VC EA50 (N581VC) Departed 09:48 PST
Jan 19 08:30 PST San Martin (KE16) N220LR BE35 (N220LR) Departed 08:40 PST
Jan 19 11:00 PST Carlsbad (KCRQ) N581VC EA50 (N581VC) Departed 11:44 PST
Jan 19 - Sacramento (KSAC) N8134Q C414 (N8134Q) Departed 11:16 PST
Jan 19 11:30 PST Placerville (KPVF) N8321M P28A (N8321M) Departed 11:52 PST
Jan 21 10:30 PST Auburn (AUN / KAUN) N8321M P28A (N8321M) Est. Departure 10:41 PST
Jan 23 07:30 PST Spanish Fork (KSPK) N581VC EA50 (N581VC) Departed 07:52 PST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 23 10:59 PST Palm Springs (PSP / KPSP) N303JD PC12 (N303JD) Landed

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