UTC 11:48

C David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport (KCRS)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 13 08:30 CDT Guaymas (GYM / MMGM) N479B B350 (N479B) Departed 08:11 CDT
Jun 13 23:40 CDT Dallas (ADS / KADS) N35246 C172 (N35246) Departed 23:37 CDT
Jun 14 14:15 CDT Houston (KAXH) N53029 C77R (N53029) Departed 14:17 CDT
Jun 15 16:32 CDT Houston (KEFD) N421CW C421 (N421CW) Departed 16:52 CDT
Jun 16 15:00 CDT Midland (KMDD) N583WC BE20 (N583WC) Departed 16:57 CDT
Jun 16 16:15 CDT Houston (KTME) N157JB TBM7 (N157JB) Est. Departure 16:41 CDT
Jun 17 09:50 CDT Arlington (KGKY) N1TR B350 (N1TR) Departed 08:27 CDT
Jun 17 10:50 CDT Brownsville (BRO / KBRO) N616JH C185 (N616JH) Departed 11:48 CDT
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