Garner Field (KUVA)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 15 09:00 CDT Tulsa (TUL / KTUL) N33WL LJ60 (N33WL) Departed 09:15 CDT
Mar 15 12:00 CDT Lago Vista (1TX4) N335PW C335 (N335PW) Departed 13:02 CDT
Mar 16 08:00 CDT Telluride (TEX / KTEX) N196SB C56X (N196SB) Departed 08:04 CDT
Mar 16 13:00 CDT Fort Worth (AFW / KAFW) N45HM LJ45 (N45HM) Departed 13:07 CDT
Mar 17 09:35 CDT Uvalde (KUVA) N2841R P28A (N2841R) Departed 09:51 CDT
Mar 17 14:45 CDT Houston (KSGR) N335PW C335 (N335PW) Departed 14:49 CDT
Mar 17 17:00 CDT Miami (MIA / KMIA) N201LS H25B (N201LS) Departed 17:39 CDT
Mar 18 13:15 CDT Fort Worth (FTW / KFTW) N4VH C421 (N4VH) Departed 13:27 CDT
Mar 18 18:55 CDT Port Isabel (KPIL) N24KU M20P (N24KU) Departed 18:56 CDT
Mar 19 07:30 CDT Baton Rouge (BTR / KBTR) N98715 C182 (N98715) Departed 07:50 CDT
Mar 19 09:50 CDT San Antonio (1T8) N540CE P210 (N540CE) Departed 09:58 CDT
Mar 19 12:00 CDT Houston (KTME) N135MK BE30 (N135MK) Departed 12:05 CDT
Mar 20 18:30 CDT Port Aransas (KRAS) N3751W PA32 (N3751W) Departed 18:19 CDT
Mar 21 11:15 CDT La Grange (K3T5) N863JB C560 (N863JB) Departed 12:55 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 16 12:27 CDT Midland (MAF / KMAF) N45HM LJ45 (N45HM) Landed
Mar 18 17:49 CDT Santa Maria (SMX / KSMX) N12CQ C560 (N12CQ) Landed
Mar 19 15:19 CDT Houston (KTME) N135MK BE30 (N135MK) Landed

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