UTC 21:05

Bermuda Dunes Airport (KUDD)

11 Oct
N958GC-Monterey, CA (MRY/KMRY)C550 (N958GC)
Departed 16:22 PDT
11 Oct1L313
16:51 PDT
Las Vegas, NV (LAS/KLAS)C680 (N313QS)
Departed 16:20 PDT
11 Oct1L739
18:09 PDT
Santa Ana, CA (SNA/KSNA)CL35 (N739QS)
Departed 17:22 PDT
11 Oct
N404TC-Napa, CA (APC/KAPC)PC12 (N404TC)
Departed 18:13 PDT
11 Oct
18:30 PDT
Phoenix, AZ (DVT/KDVT)PRM1 (N372BW)
Departed 19:44 PDT
12 Oct
N88GA-Carlsbad, CA (KCRQ)C25B (N88GA)
Departed 16:26 PDT
12 Oct
15:00 PDT
Scottsdale, AZ (KSDL)C525 (N600HR)
Departed 14:58 PDT
14 Oct1L424
08:42 PDT
Santa Monica, CA (KSMO)E55P (N424QS)
Departed 08:42 PDT
14 Oct1L378
12:49 PDT
Van Nuys, CA (KVNY)C680 (N378QS)
Departed 13:02 PDT
14 Oct1L572-Livermore, CA (KLVK)C68A (N572QS)
Departed 14:26 PDT
15 Oct
N930BP-Santa Monica, CA (KSMO)TBM9 (N930BP)
Departed 08:51 PDT
17 Oct1L636
09:30 PDT
Saratoga, WY (KSAA)C68A (N636QS)
Departed 11:13 PDT
17 OctKOW48
09:30 PDT
Ruidoso, NM (KSRR)-
18 Oct1L558
09:00 PDT
Chico, CA (KCIC)C56X (N558QS)
Departed 09:56 PDT
18 OctAN4
10:40 PDT
Hawthorne, CA (KHHR)B350 (N395MB)
Departed 11:12 PDT

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