St Clair County International Airport (KPHN)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 - Somerset (KSME) N586DR PC12 (N586DR) Departed 07:41 EDT
Mar 19 20:04 EDT Moline (MLI / KMLI) N628DC DA62 (N628DC) Departed 20:01 EDT
Mar 20 - London (YXU / CYXU) Castle Aviation Inc ( Ravenna Oh ) CSJ317 C208 (N1058N) Departed 21:48 EDT
Mar 20 12:00 EDT Madisonville (KMNV) N3492W PA32 (N3492W) Departed 12:02 EDT
Mar 20 16:45 EDT Raleigh/Durham (RDU / KRDU) N292RA T206 (N603DC) Departed 16:29 EDT
Mar 20 18:37 EDT White Plains (HPN / KHPN) FlexJet LXJ522 CL30 (N522FX) Departed 18:39 EDT
Mar 21 17:30 EDT West Palm Beach (PBI / KPBI) FlexJet LXJ524 CL30 (N524FX) Departed 17:02 EDT
Mar 22 13:00 EDT Pensacola (PNS / KPNS) N400WD C525 (N400WD) Departed 13:46 EDT
Mar 22 - Pontiac (KPTK) N586DR PC12 (N586DR) Departed 13:53 EDT
Mar 22 16:00 EDT Brooksville (KBKV) N51GJ LJ35 (N51GJ) Departed 16:09 EDT
Mar 23 10:15 EDT Osceola (KI75) CGHDK C310 (C-GHDK) Departed 10:15 EDT
Mar 23 15:40 EDT Lansing (LAN / KLAN) CGYAM M20T (C-GYAM) Departed 15:23 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 22 12:06 EDT Pontiac (KPTK) N400WD C25A (N400WD) Landed 12:23 EDT

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