El Monte Airport (KEMT)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 13:45 PDT San Luis Obispo (SBP / KSBP) N3553D C182 (N3553D) Departed 14:01 PDT
Mar 19 14:12 PDT San Diego (KMYF) N2103S C210 (N2103S) Departed 14:21 PDT
Mar 19 20:00 PDT Santa Ynez (KIZA) N3921T P28R (N3921T) Departed 16:03 PDT
Mar 21 09:00 PDT San Luis Obispo (SBP / KSBP) N10DB C210 (N10DB) Departed 09:06 PDT
Mar 21 11:30 PDT San Bernardino (KSBD) N4255T P28A (N4255T) Departed 11:38 PDT
Mar 21 12:30 PDT Tucson (TUS / KTUS) N93MT BE36 (N93MT) Departed 12:57 PDT
Mar 21 12:55 PDT Selma (0Q4) N474J BE20 (N474J) Departed 13:28 PDT
Mar 22 - Carlsbad (KCRQ) N90HG BE9L (N90HG) Departed 16:49 PDT
Mar 22 14:45 PDT Mesa (KFFZ) N117KP P210 (N117KP) Departed 14:37 PDT
Mar 22 16:00 PDT Long Beach (LGB / KLGB) N6137Q C172 (N6137Q) Departed 16:42 PDT
Mar 22 19:00 PDT Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N912GL SR22 (N912GL) Departed 19:36 PDT
Mar 23 09:30 PDT Oakland (OAK / KOAK) N1968W P46T (N1968W) Departed 09:52 PDT
Mar 25 09:00 PDT Sacramento (KSAC) N5288J C421 (N5288J) Departed 09:09 PDT
Mar 25 10:00 PDT El Monte (KEMT) N19760 C172 (N19760) Est. Departure 10:43 PDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 17:38 PDT Carlsbad (KCRQ) N90HG BE9L (N90HG) Landed

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