El Monte Airport (KEMT)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 - Corona (KAJO) N7379S C182 (N7379S) Departed 09:06 PST
Jan 18 10:15 PST Palm Springs (KTRM) N30787 BE58 (N30787) Departed 10:20 PST
Jan 18 14:00 PST San Diego (KMYF) N419ST SR22 (N419ST) Departed 14:14 PST
Jan 19 18:30 PST Bakersfield (BFL / KBFL) N15PG C25B (N15PG) Departed 18:33 PST
Jan 20 - Las Vegas (KVGT) N1068K BE9L (N1068K) Departed 13:53 PST
Jan 20 16:30 PST San Diego (KSDM) N91JV P28A (N8533C) Departed 16:28 PST
Jan 21 08:05 PST Albuquerque (KAEG) N594CM C82S (N594CM) Departed 08:25 PST
Jan 21 10:30 PST Camarillo (KCMA) N599PM SR22 (N599PM) Departed 10:51 PST
Jan 21 12:30 PST San Bernardino (KSBD) N6522 R22 (N6522) Departed 12:41 PST
Jan 21 13:15 PST Livermore (KLVK) N369PR C240 (N369PR) Departed 13:21 PST
Jan 21 16:10 PST San Martin (KE16) N232PL SR20 (N232PL) Departed 16:21 PST
Jan 22 15:00 PST Visalia (KVIS) N132N BE20 (N132N) Departed 14:36 PST
Jan 22 18:00 PST Livermore (KLVK) N369PR C240 (N369PR) Departed 17:33 PST
Jan 23 09:00 PST Las Vegas (KHND) N10TS C680 (N10TS) Departed 09:04 PST
Jan 23 10:20 PST Hawthorne (KHHR) N89084 C152 (N89084) Departed 10:27 PST
Jan 23 10:25 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N4043P R44 (N4043P) Departed 11:06 PST
Jan 23 15:40 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N42371 C182 (N42371) Departed 15:52 PST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 20 11:39 PST Las Vegas (LAS / KLAS) N1068K BE9L (N1068K) Landed
Jan 22 06:52 PST Visalia (KVIS) N132N BE20 (N132N) Landed
Jan 23 16:10 PST Las Vegas (KHND) N10TS C680 (N10TS) Landed 14:53 PST

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