Culpeper Regional Airport (KCJR)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 15 08:30 EDT Florence (FLO / KFLO) N175DY SR22 (N175DY) Departed 09:22 EDT
Mar 16 10:15 EDT Lafayette (LAF / KLAF) N6577U M20P (N6577U) Departed 10:43 EDT
Mar 17 08:00 EDT Saratoga Springs (K5B2) Holman Leasing Systems Inc Pittsburgh Jet Center ( Zelienople Pa ) PJC79 C25B (N379DB) Departed 08:43 EDT
Mar 17 12:00 EDT Cambridge (KCGE) N48PR P28A (N48PR) Departed 12:13 EDT
Mar 17 12:10 EDT Gaithersburg (GAI / KGAI) N175DY SR22 (N175DY) Departed 13:18 EDT
Mar 17 17:30 EDT Rocky Mount (RWI / KRWI) N415RB C25B (N415RB) Departed 17:39 EDT
Mar 17 18:00 EDT Thomasville (KTVI) N34WP EA50 (N34WP) Departed 18:05 EDT
Mar 18 07:00 EDT New Smyrna Beach (KEVB) N737D C56X (N737D) Departed 07:09 EDT
Mar 20 10:50 EDT Georgetown (GED / KGED) N48PR P28A (N48PR) Departed 11:08 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 17 11:50 EDT Florence (FLO / KFLO) N175DY SR22 (N175DY) Landed

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