Creve Coeur Airport (K1H0)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 - Albuquerque (KAEG) N356KA RV14 (N356KA) Departed 13:33 CDT
Mar 19 13:20 CDT Hannibal (KHAE) N323KC SR22 (N323KC) Departed 13:37 CDT
Mar 20 13:20 CDT Hannibal (KHAE) N323KC SR22 (N323KC) Departed 13:24 CDT
Mar 21 08:00 CDT Ames (AMW / KAMW) N321DW C310 (N321DW) Departed 09:16 CDT
Mar 21 14:10 CDT Jefferson City (KJEF) N516CR SR22 (N516CR) Departed 14:05 CDT
Mar 21 17:40 CDT Lee's Summit (KLXT) N630JL BE36 (N630JL) Departed 17:42 CDT
Mar 21 20:30 CDT Jonesboro (JBR / KJBR) N99LF BE58 (N99LF) Departed 20:25 CDT
Mar 22 08:00 CDT Jonesboro (JBR / KJBR) N321DW C310 (N321DW) Departed 08:08 CDT
Mar 22 12:00 CDT Marion (KC17) N5KM SR22 (N5KM) Departed 12:55 CDT
Mar 22 16:00 CDT Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling (KPWK) N423DK C82T (N423DK) Departed 16:05 CDT
Mar 23 11:00 CDT Kaiser Lake Ozark (AIZ / KAIZ) N166EA EA50 (N166EA) Departed 11:00 CDT
Mar 23 16:00 CDT Searcy (KSRC) N6HU BE30 (N6HU) Departed 15:59 CDT
Mar 24 12:00 CDT Memphis (KM01) N1485R AA1 (N1485R) Departed 11:57 CDT
Mar 24 - St Louis (KSUS) N323KC SR22 (N323KC) Departed 15:06 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 23 11:07 CDT Searcy (KSRC) N6HU BE30 (N6HU) Landed

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