Georgetown County Airport (GGE / KGGE)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 12:54 EDT Philadelphia (PHL / KPHL) Flight Options OPT346 E55P (N346FX) Departed 12:51 EDT
Mar 20 10:45 EDT Aspen (ASE / KASE) Silver Air SIS187 C56X (N1867M) Departed 11:03 EDT
Mar 21 19:55 EDT Savannah (SAV / KSAV) N5183M BE76 (N5183M) Departed 21:04 EDT
Mar 22 - New York (JFK / KJFK) N210PW C210 (N210PW) Unknown
Mar 22 14:15 EDT Raleigh/Durham (RDU / KRDU) N560BL C560 (N560BL) Departed 14:00 EDT
Mar 22 19:20 EDT Stuart (KSUA) Gama Aviation GAJ863 B350 (N863UP) Departed 19:18 EDT
Mar 23 08:40 EDT Clemson (KCEU) N10176 C182 (N10176) Departed 09:14 EDT
Mar 23 09:30 EDT Mooresville (K14A) N2123M P28T (N2123M) Departed 10:04 EDT
Mar 23 15:30 EDT Olathe (KIXD) Flight Options OPT355 E55P (N355FX) Departed 15:57 EDT
Mar 24 10:00 EDT Roanoke (ROA / KROA) N758B BE58 (N758B) Departed 10:07 EDT
Mar 24 13:00 EDT Cincinnati (LUK / KLUK) N6867F C421 (N6867F) Departed 13:30 EDT
Mar 24 15:30 EDT Columbia (KCUB) N683RL AEST (N683RL) Departed 15:38 EDT
Mar 24 18:20 EDT Sumter (KSMS) N8087R BE36 (N8087R) Departed 18:54 EDT
Mar 25 11:06 EDT Atlanta (PDK / KPDK) Cobalt Air CNS1923 - Departed 10:09 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 22 18:10 EDT Columbia (KCUB) N683RL AEST (N683RL) Landed
Mar 22 18:24 EDT Greenville (GMU / KGMU) Gama Aviation GAJ863 B350 (N863UP) Landed

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