Beaumont Municipal Airport (BMT / KBMT)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 12 11:55 CST Anniston (ANB / KANB) N47543 P28A (N47543) Departed 11:55 CST
Jan 13 09:30 CST Palestine (KPSN) N3558H M20T (N3558H) Departed 09:58 CST
Jan 15 - Houston (IAH / KIAH) Mesa Airlines YV6356 E75L (N87303) Departed 19:45 CST
Jan 15 - Houston (IAH / KIAH) Skywest Airlines OO3690 E75L (N267SY) Departed 21:56 CST
Jan 16 13:45 CST Midland (MAF / KMAF) N311BC C421 (N311BC) Departed 13:52 CST
Jan 16 14:30 CST Houston (KIWS) N432DZ BE36 (N432DZ) Departed 15:01 CST
Jan 16 16:00 CST Bakersfield (BFL / KBFL) N350BV C25A (N350BV) Departed 16:08 CST
Jan 17 08:00 CST Lafayette (LFT / KLFT) N624RS SR22 (N624RS) Departed 10:04 CST
Jan 18 13:00 CST Hilton Head Island (HHH / KHXD) N431MS C550 (N431MS) Departed 12:34 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 12 - Eagle Lake (5TE7) N259G BE20 (N259G) Unknown

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