Aircraft RV8

Weather updated at: - UTC
13 flights of RV8
Flight Date Departure STD ATD Arrival STA Aircraft Status Replay
N84UN Feb 14 Defuniak Springs (K54J) 09:00 CST Williston (KX60) - RV8 (N84UN) Landed
N88YS Feb 14 Sand Springs (KOWP) 10:25 CST Leesburg (KLEE) - RV8 (N88YS) Landed
N11VP Feb 15 Asheville (AVL / KAVL) 10:15 EST Cheraw (KCQW) - RV8 (N11VP) Landed
N848RV Feb 16 Gaithersburg (GAI / KGAI) 10:15 EST Sampit-Borneo Island (SMQ / WAOS) - RV8 (N848RV) Landed
N550PJ Feb 16 Manhattan (MHK / KMHK) 10:35 CST Denver (KFTG) - RV8 (N550PJ) Landed
N4866H Feb 17 Wallace (KACZ) 10:15 EST Wilmington (ILM / KILM) - RV8 (N4866H) Landed 10:50 EST
TUI Airways TOM834 Feb 17 London (STN / EGSS) 10:55 GMT Bridgetown (BGI / TBPB) 15:30 AST RV8 (G-RVEI) Unknown
easyJet Airline GMUKY Feb 17 Edinburgh (EDI / EGPH) 15:40 GMT London (LTN / EGGW) 16:55 GMT RV8 (G-MUKY) Landed
N592MB Feb 17 Kenansville (KDPL) 15:49 EST Goldsboro (KGWW) - RV8 (N592MB) Landed 15:35 EST
N8AF Feb 18 Oneonta (K20A) 08:45 CST Williamson (SC82) - RV8 (N8AF) Landed
N84TG Feb 18 Clearwater (KCLW) 12:00 EST Perry (KPXE) - RV8 (N84TG) Landed 14:03 EST
N11CC Feb 18 San Diego/El Cajon (KSEE) 13:08 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) - RV8 (N11CC) Landed 13:55 PST
N88YS Feb 18 Leesburg (KLEE) 17:48 EST Leesburg (KLEE) - RV8 (N88YS) Landed

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