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alligator spotted the taxiway at Orlando International Airport delayed a Spirit Airlines flight

An 2018-06-13 13:14 UTC

Only in Florida… a gator held up our Spirit Airlines plane crossing the runway at MCO on the way home from DC. ???? follow @Horizonless_Nomad on Instagram for more travel adventures ?

Publiée par Anthony Velardi sur lundi 11 juin 2018

An alligator on the taxiway at Orlando International Airport was responsible for a delay to a Spirit Airlines flight yesterday.

Passenger Anothony Verladi said his plane had just landed when he spotted the large reptile bumbling across the tarmac towards a pond.

Velardi said that the flight was delayed for five minutes before it could taxi to the gate. He also confirmed that an airport truck arrived to ensure the alligator did not return to the taxiway.

A spokesperson for Orlando International Airport said that such sightings are rare, despite 110 hectares of the airport’s land being covered in water. She also stated that the alligator’s presence did not impact on any other airport operations.

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