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Air to retire all MD-80s by 2018

Allegiant 2017-11-14 16:00 UTC

In Allegiant’s third-quarter results statement, CEO Maurice Gallagher confirmed the airline’s intent to remove its MD-80s from service. “We now plan to retire our last MD by the end of 2018. One year earlier than was previously expected,” Gallagher said.

Allegiant Air retired five MD-80s and added five A320s and one A319 into revenue service during the quarter. As of Sept. 30, Allegiant’s fleet comprised 40 MD-80s, two Boeing 757s, 21 A319s and 26 A320s, for a total fleet of 89 aircraft.

By year-end 2018, Allegiant will operate an all-Airbus fleet of 50 A320s and 32 A319s.

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