Aircraft N231TJ - F2TH

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Vert Speed
History for Aircraft N231TJ - F2TH - A20DE9
Flight Date Departure STD ATD Arrival STA Aircraft Status Replay
Apr 16 Naples (APF / KAPF) 13:01 EDT 12:17 EDT Stuart (KSUA) - F2TH (N231TJ) Landed
Apr 16 Stuart (KSUA) 12:01 EDT 10:36 EDT Naples (APF / KAPF) - F2TH (N231TJ) Landed
Apr 15 Naples (APF / KAPF) - 15:36 EDT Stuart (KSUA) - F2TH (N231TJ) Landed
Apr 15 Stuart (KSUA) 15:15 EDT 14:37 EDT Naples (APF / KAPF) - F2TH (N231TJ) Landed
Apr 15 Montego Bay (MBJ / MKJS) 13:30 EST 09:24 EST Stuart (KSUA) - F2TH (N231TJ) Landed
Apr 11 Montego Bay (MBJ / MKJS) 14:30 EST 12:35 EST Stuart (KSUA) - F2TH (N231TJ) Landed 17:32 EDT

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