Aircraft N136TE - EA50

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History for Aircraft N136TE - EA50 - A09329
Flight Date Departure STD ATD Arrival STA Aircraft Status Replay
Feb 19 Colorado Springs (COS / KCOS) - 17:58 MST Scottsdale (KSDL) 19:00 MST EA50 (N136TE) Landed
Feb 18 Las Vegas (KHND) 13:39 PST 14:40 PST Colorado Springs (COS / KCOS) - EA50 (N136TE) Landed
Feb 18 Scottsdale (KSDL) 13:15 MST 13:58 MST Las Vegas (KHND) - EA50 (N136TE) Landed
Feb 17 Eagle (EGE / KEGE) 16:48 MST 17:22 MST Scottsdale (KSDL) 18:52 MST EA50 (N136TE) Landed
Feb 17 Salt Lake City (SLC / KSLC) 14:15 MST 14:18 MST Eagle (EGE / KEGE) 15:25 MST EA50 (N136TE) Landed
Feb 16 Sedona (KSEZ) 10:45 MST 10:58 MST Salt Lake City (SLC / KSLC) - EA50 (N136TE) Landed
Feb 16 Scottsdale (KSDL) 09:00 MST 09:23 MST Sedona (KSEZ) - EA50 (N136TE) Landed -

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