UTC 18:46

Port Pirie Airport (PPI / YPIR)

17 OctAIQ516--PC12 (VH-FXZ)
Departed 07:16 ACDT
18 OctFD580-Adelaide, SA (ADL/YPAD)PC12 (VH-JDN)
Departed 07:59 ACDT
18 OctAIQ516-Chiang Mai (CNX/VTCC)PC12 (VH-FDK)
Departed 14:34 ACDT
20 OctQF271--DA40 (VH-YNG)
Departed 15:14 ACDT
20 OctFD538--PC12 (VH-FVF)
Departed 15:56 ACDT
21 OctAIQ573-Adelaide, SA (ADL/YPAD)PC12 (VH-FDK)
Departed 20:14 ACDT
21 OctFD514-Adelaide, SA (ADL/YPAD)PC12 (VH-FVF)
Departed 23:34 ACDT
22 OctAIQ571--PC12 (VH-JDN)
Departed 00:24 ACDT
23 OctFD538--PC12 (VH-FXZ)
Departed 14:56 ACDT
23 OctAIQ584--PC12 (VH-JDN)
Departed 22:13 ACDT

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