UTC 22:05

Namangan Airport (NMA / UTFN)

12 AugHY96
10:15 UZT
Tashkent (TAS/UTTT)A320 (UK32017)Landed
12 AugU62510
14:10 UZT
St. Petersburg (LED/ULLI)A320 (VP-BQW)Scheduled
13 AugU62774
19:45 UZT
Moscow (DME/UUDD)A320 (VQ-BDM)Landed
14 AugHY98
17:10 UZT
Tashkent (TAS/UTTT)B752 (UK75701)Landed
14 AugHY619
17:40 UZT
Moscow (VKO/UUWW)B752 (UK75702)Scheduled
15 AugHY669
11:30 UZT
Novosibirsk (OVB/UNNT)A320 (UK32018)Scheduled
15 AugHY670
19:45 UZT
Tashkent (TAS/UTTT)A320 (UK32018)Landed
15 AugN4194
22:20 UZT
Moscow (SVO/UUEE)73H Scheduled
16 AugHY643
09:55 UZT
St. Petersburg (LED/ULLI)B752 (UK75702)Landed
16 AugHY619
16:45 UZT
Moscow (VKO/UUWW)B752 (UK75705)Scheduled
16 AugHY98
23:10 UZT
Tashkent (TAS/UTTT)B752 (UK75702)Scheduled
17 AugU62774
03:15 UZT
Moscow (DME/UUDD)A321 (VP-BIH)Landed
17 AugHY619
16:55 UZT
Moscow (VKO/UUWW)B752 (UK75705)Scheduled
18 AugHY619
19:20 UZT
Moscow (VKO/UUWW)B752 (UK75702)Scheduled
18 AugN4194
21:30 UZT
Moscow (SVO/UUEE)B738 (VP-BSQ)Landed
19 AugHY96
10:15 UZT
Tashkent (TAS/UTTT)320 Scheduled
19 AugU62510
14:10 UZT
St. Petersburg (LED/ULLI)320 Scheduled
20 AugS75568
16:25 UZT
Novosibirsk (OVB/UNNT)32N Scheduled
20 AugU62774
19:45 UZT
Moscow (DME/UUDD)320 Scheduled

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