Chan Gurney Municipal Airport (KYKN)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 12 - Sioux Falls (FSD / KFSD) N710PT C25B (N710PT) Departed 12:10 CST
Jan 13 - Sioux Falls (FSD / KFSD) Republic Airlines UA3605 E170 (N655RW) Departed 22:26 CST
Jan 14 12:40 CST Traverse City (TVC / KTVC) N2272D C206 (N2272D) Departed 13:01 CST
Jan 15 10:00 CST Sioux City (SUX / KSUX) N701SG SR22 (N701SG) Departed 10:14 CST
Jan 15 14:40 CST Omaha (KOFF) Department Of The Army Priority Air Transport ( Davison Aviation Command ) ( Fort Belvoir Va ) N55CE SW4 (N55CE) Departed 15:34 CST
Jan 16 14:00 CST Prairie Du Chien (KPDC) N543KP C425 (N543KP) Departed 13:42 CST
Jan 16 17:00 CST Rochester (RST / KRST) N350MC B350 (N350MC) Departed 17:09 CST
Jan 16 22:30 CST Sioux Falls (FSD / KFSD) N790NG PC12 (N790NG) Departed 00:59 CST
Jan 17 08:00 CST Pierre (PIR / KPIR) N10FZ C425 (N10FZ) Departed 08:15 CST
Jan 17 18:45 CST Sioux Falls (FSD / KFSD) N10FZ C425 (N10FZ) Departed 13:30 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 14 16:53 CST Milwaukee (KMWC) N543KP C425 (N543KP) Landed
Jan 16 15:55 CST Rochester (RST / KRST) N350MC B350 (N350MC) Landed

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