South Jersey Regional Airport (KVAY)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 15 06:00 EDT Tampa (TPA / KTPA) N81TF BE20 (N81TF) Departed 06:11 EDT
Mar 17 14:15 EDT Cartersville (KVPC) N140CP MU2 (N140CP) Departed 15:03 EDT
Mar 18 15:30 EDT Frederick (KFDK) N857KT BE33 (N857KT) Departed 15:31 EDT
Mar 19 - Atlantic City (ACY / KACY) N8126X P28A (N8126X) Departed 18:10 EDT
Mar 19 06:00 EDT Albany (ALB / KALB) N5390F PA32 (N5390F) Departed 06:28 EDT
Mar 19 07:00 EDT Newport News (PHF / KPHF) N4440P PA23 (N4440P) Departed 07:44 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 15 - Bangor (BGR / KBGR) Piedmont Airlines AA4881 E145 (N655AE) Landed 07:10 EDT
Mar 16 - Toronto (YYZ / CYYZ) Piedmont Airlines PT4931 E145 (N690AE) Landed 19:54 EDT
Mar 19 17:43 EDT Chicago/Aurora (AUZ / KARR) N67FT C550 (N67FT) Landed 17:46 EDT

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