Bolton Field (KTZR)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 14:30 EDT Taszár (TZR / LHTA) N15624 P28A (N15624) Departed 14:43 EDT
Mar 19 14:30 EDT Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling (KPWK) N5535N C182 (N5535N) Departed 14:33 EDT
Mar 20 16:45 EDT Gallatin (XNX / KXNX) N4338F P28A (N4338F) Departed 16:49 EDT
Mar 21 19:15 EDT Port Clinton (KPCW) CFGCH C172 (CFGCH) Departed 19:17 EDT
Mar 23 11:30 EDT Port Clinton (KPCW) N66AB BE33 (N66AB) Departed 11:47 EDT
Mar 24 06:15 EDT Savannah (SAV / KSAV) N5888S BE55 (N5888S) Departed 06:55 EDT
Mar 24 11:00 EDT Lewisburg (LWB / KLWB) N821T DA40 (N821T) Departed 10:56 EDT
Mar 25 16:00 EDT Howell (KOZW) N350ES BE30 (N350ES) Departed 14:58 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 25 08:50 EDT Howell (KOZW) N350ES B350 (N350ES) Landed

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