UTC 14:49

Toccoa Rg Letourneau Field (KTOC)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 12 18:13 EDT Washington (IAD / KIAD) Flight Options OPT375 E55P (N375FX) Unknown
Jun 13 14:00 EDT St Louis (KSUS) Travel Management Company TMC450 - Departed 15:17 EDT
Jun 14 09:38 EDT Destin (DSI / KDTS) N811JA C550 (N811JA) Unknown
Jun 14 12:45 EDT Crystal River (KCGC) N811JA C550 (N811JA) Departed 12:55 EDT
Jun 14 13:00 EDT Melbourne (MLB / KMLB) N150YD BE20 (N150YD) Departed 12:34 EDT
Jun 14 16:00 EDT Birmingham (BHM / KBHM) N722TS C25A (N722TS) Departed 16:16 EDT
Jun 14 17:10 EDT Greenville (GDC / KGYH) N714WA C56X (N714WA) Departed 17:18 EDT
Jun 15 12:30 EDT Pinehurst/Southern Pines (KSOP) N264TS BE10 (N264TS) Departed 12:49 EDT
Jun 15 13:00 EDT Panama City (ECP / KECP) N214ML B350 (N214ML) Departed 13:12 EDT
Jun 16 10:00 EDT Fernandina Beach (FHB / KFHB) N47US BE60 (N47US) Departed 10:38 EDT
Jun 16 10:30 EDT Fernandina Beach (FHB / KFHB) N70560 C182 (N70560) Departed 10:51 EDT
Jun 16 15:00 EDT Pensacola (PNS / KPNS) N423R P32R (N423R) Departed 15:17 EDT
Jun 18 13:00 EDT Orlando (KORL) N441WT C441 (N441WT) Departed 11:45 EDT
Jun 19 07:00 EDT Lakeland (LAL / KLAL) FlexJet LXJ580 CL35 (N580FX) Departed 08:36 EDT
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