Brunswick County Airport (KSUT)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 16 09:30 EDT Jacksonville (JAX / KJAX) N1248G PA34 (N1248G) Departed 10:03 EDT
Mar 16 14:30 EDT Key Largo (07FA) Cobalt Air CNS3141 - Departed 15:16 EDT
Mar 17 08:30 EDT Morgantown (MGW / KMGW) N2237A P32T (N2237A) Departed 09:13 EDT
Mar 17 17:40 EDT Blacksburg (BCB / KBCB) N47GA BE58 (N47GA) Departed 17:42 EDT
Mar 19 - Rutherfordton (KFQD) N333VC M20P (N333VC) Departed 11:00 EDT
Mar 20 09:00 EDT Marco Island (KMKY) N3077K BE33 (N3077K) Departed 08:46 EDT
Mar 20 14:00 EDT Raleigh/Durham (RDU / KRDU) Airquest Aviation RQT31 - Departed 14:07 EDT
Mar 20 14:15 EDT Wilmington (ILM / KILM) N829DS DA40 (N829DS) Departed 14:16 EDT
Mar 20 14:30 EDT Allentown (KXLL) N1248G PA34 (N1248G) Departed 16:28 EDT
Mar 21 10:00 EDT Raleigh/Durham (RDU / KRDU) First Wing Aircraft Charter and Maintenenace EGC117 C56X (N580EE) Departed 10:04 EDT
Mar 21 10:45 EDT Coatesville (KMQS) N651EM C650 (N651EM) Departed 15:34 EDT
Mar 22 07:00 EDT Siler City (SCR / KSCR) N5BF C182 (N5BF) Departed 07:28 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 20 11:35 EDT Indianapolis (IND / KIND) First Wing Aircraft Charter and Maintenenace EGC117 - Landed

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