George M Bryan Airport (KSTF)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 14:30 CST Columbus/W Point/Starkville (GTR / KGTR) N1390T PA34 (N1390T) Departed 14:43 CST
Jan 18 10:00 CST Pensacola (PNS / KPNS) N3622A BE55 (N3622A) Departed 10:11 CST
Jan 18 10:30 CST Baton Rouge (BTR / KBTR) N787WT C172 (N787WT) Departed 10:59 CST
Jan 18 14:40 CST Mobile (MOB / KMOB) N474RL SR22 (N474RL) Departed 15:55 CST
Jan 18 15:00 CST Muscle Shoals (MSL / KMSL) N8EF BE20 (N8EF) Departed 15:57 CST
Jan 20 14:34 CST Cleburne (KCPT) N219PW M600 (N219PW) Departed 16:35 CST
Jan 21 07:00 CST Destin (DSI / KDTS) N19AT BE36 (N19AT) Departed 06:42 CST
Jan 21 14:00 CST Muscle Shoals (MSL / KMSL) N6604L BE20 (N6604L) Departed 15:00 CST
Jan 22 14:00 CST Hattiesburg (KHBG) N922BW BE9L (N922BW) Departed 14:41 CST
Jan 23 17:00 CST Ruston (KRSN) Chartright Air HRT373 - Departed 16:42 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 09:03 CST Bowling Green (BWG / KBWG) N101CC BE40 (N101CC) Landed
Jan 18 10:28 CST Alexandria (AEX / KAEX) N311GM B350 (N311GM) Landed

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