Aransas County Airport (KRKP)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 14 11:30 CDT New Orleans (KNEW) Jet Linx Aviation JTL160 - Departed 11:09 CDT
Mar 16 12:40 CDT Waco (KPWG) N2211Q C421 (N2211Q) Departed 12:12 CDT
Mar 16 15:47 CDT Houston (KSGR) N525FC C525 (N525FC) Departed 13:04 CDT
Mar 17 11:30 CDT Houston (KT51) N8024A PA32 (N8024A) Departed 11:19 CDT
Mar 17 12:45 CDT Houston (KSGR) N82P E55P (N82P) Departed 12:55 CDT
Mar 17 17:30 CDT Houston (HOU / KHOU) Jet Linx Aviation JTL160 - Departed 16:12 CDT
Mar 18 10:10 CDT Houston (KLVJ) N1818R C182 (N1818R) Departed 10:30 CDT
Mar 19 14:00 CDT Austin (KEDC) N177GA B350 (N177GA) Departed 09:07 CDT
Mar 19 15:00 CDT Odessa (KODO) N35YP FA50 (N35YP) Departed 10:21 CDT
Mar 20 09:00 CDT Austin (AUS / KAUS) N2480X PAY1 (N2480X) Departed 09:00 CDT
Mar 20 15:30 CDT Houston (KSGR) N268RP PA46 (N268RP) Departed 15:16 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 07:39 CDT Odessa (KODO) N35YP FA50 (N35YP) Landed
Mar 20 15:50 CDT Paris (KPRX) N607DB C525 (N607DB) Landed

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