Louisiana Regional Airport (KREG)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 14 08:00 CST Tampa (TPA / KTPA) N484HB C510 (N484HB) Departed 08:06 CST
Feb 14 08:55 CST Houston (HOU / KHOU) N5076R C82T (N5076R) Est. Departure 09:05 CST
Feb 15 08:00 CST Waco (ACT / KACT) N122JK S22T (N122JK) Departed 09:03 CST
Feb 15 09:36 CST Murfreesboro (KMBT) N518RV RV10 (N518RV) Departed 08:44 CST
Feb 16 10:45 CST Hammond (KHDC) N31309 BE55 (N31309) Departed 10:47 CST
Feb 16 13:10 CST Shreveport (DTN / KDTN) N21VR BE36 (N21VR) Departed 13:43 CST
Feb 17 08:20 CST Reggio Calabria (REG / LICR) N416GS PA27 (N416GS) Departed 08:19 CST
Feb 17 14:30 CST Gilliam (LA54) N413WG BE36 (N413WG) Departed 14:02 CST
Feb 17 16:15 CST (KRZR) N930WB TBM9 (N930WB) Departed 16:34 CST
Feb 18 15:00 CST Galliano (KGAO) N710EC G280 (N710EC) Departed 16:51 CST
Feb 18 18:15 CST Houston (KCXO) N7252R BE36 (N7252R) Departed 18:28 CST
Feb 19 19:45 CST Albuquerque (ABQ / KABQ) N17NX PC12 (N17NX) Departed 20:46 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 14 07:40 CST Farmington (KFAM) N484HB C510 (N484HB) Landed

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