Mustang Beach Airport (KRAS)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 14 20:14 CST Georgetown (KGTU) N94944 C182 (N94944) Departed 20:14 CST
Feb 15 10:45 CST Mesquite (KHQZ) N732YK T210 (N732YK) Departed 10:35 CST
Feb 15 14:45 CST Houston (KEFD) N873WH BE58 (N873WH) Departed 15:34 CST
Feb 16 10:15 CST Castroville (KCVB) N8897N P28A (N8897N) Departed 11:09 CST
Feb 16 15:45 CST Houston (KTME) N33TN BE33 (N33TN) Departed 15:52 CST
Feb 17 14:00 CST Montezuma (K17) N4648S BE36 (N4648S) Departed 14:21 CST
Feb 17 15:00 CST (NTR / MMAN) N775CC PC12 (N775CC) Departed 16:33 CST
Feb 17 17:15 CST San Antonio (K5C1) N28TK SR22 (N28TK) Departed 16:56 CST
Feb 17 18:30 CST Austin (AUS / KAUS) N17802 BE33 (N17802) Departed 18:18 CST
Feb 18 14:00 CST Denton (KDTO) N630P BE20 (N630P) Departed 13:55 CST
Feb 20 17:30 CST Arkadelphia (ADF / KADF) N7967Y PA30 (N7967Y) Departed 18:36 CST
Feb 21 10:00 CST Muskogee (KMKO) N12MU BE9L (N12MU) Departed 09:40 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 16 - (NTR / MMAN) N775CC PC12 (N775CC) Unknown
Feb 20 11:55 CST Muskogee (KMKO) N12MU BE9L (N12MU) Landed
Feb 21 08:46 CST San Marcos (KHYI) N789TS C510 (N789TS) Landed

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