Hale County Airport (KPVW)

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Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 12:05 CST Breckenridge (BKD / KBKD) N6182U C182 (N6182U) Departed 12:08 CST
Jan 19 14:09 CST Midland (MAF / KMAF) N479WB BE30 (N479WB) Departed 14:31 CST
Jan 20 14:30 CST Colorado Springs (COS / KCOS) N222CB BE35 (N222CB) Departed 14:33 CST
Jan 20 15:15 CST San Antonio (SAT / KSAT) N784KS E50P (N784KS) Departed 18:31 CST
Jan 23 16:15 CST Houston (DWH / KDWH) N678JR BE35 (N678JR) Departed 16:10 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 18 09:15 CST Midland (MAF / KMAF) N95BS BE30 (N95BS) Landed
Jan 20 16:25 CST Livermore (KLVK) N7542S AEST (N7542S) Landed
Jan 20 17:15 CST Midland (MAF / KMAF) N722TA P180 (N722TA) Landed

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