Cox Field (KPRX)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 18 11:00 CDT Dallas (DAL / KDAL) N648TT C208 (N648TT) Departed 11:10 CDT
Mar 18 20:45 CDT Dallas (ADS / KADS) N20MV C172 (N20MV) Departed 21:45 CDT
Mar 19 07:30 CDT Midland (MAF / KMAF) N207ZC BE36 (N207ZC) Departed 07:42 CDT
Mar 20 09:45 CDT Batesville (BVX / KBVX) N6075S BE36 (N6075S) Departed 09:50 CDT
Mar 20 14:30 CDT Rockport (KRKP) N607DB C525 (N607DB) Departed 14:22 CDT
Mar 20 17:55 CDT Dallas (KF69) N201TA M20P (N201TA) Departed 18:44 CDT
Mar 21 21:20 CDT Dallas (ADS / KADS) Eaglemed EMD1 BE20 (N423EM) Departed 21:40 CDT
Mar 22 14:00 CDT San Antonio (K5C1) N34731 C177 (N34731) Departed 15:28 CDT
Mar 22 17:30 CDT Scott City (KTQK) N220VF S22T (N220VF) Departed 17:33 CDT
Mar 23 09:50 CDT Dallas (ADS / KADS) N6026S C172 (N6026S) Departed 09:44 CDT
Mar 23 13:55 CDT Dodge City (DDC / KDDC) N8036V BE36 (N8036V) Departed 13:56 CDT
Mar 24 02:50 CDT Dallas (KTKI) N284MR BE9L (N284MR) Departed 23:51 CDT
Mar 24 11:00 CDT Hot Springs (HOT / KHOT) N607DB C525 (N607DB) Departed 11:38 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 24 15:49 CDT Hot Springs (HOT / KHOT) N607DB C525 (N607DB) Landed

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