Cochise County Airport (KP33)

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Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 17 10:00 MST Dallas (DAL / KDAL) NetJets Aviation 1L359 C680 (N359QS) Departed 10:50 MST
Jan 17 10:00 MST Omaha (OMA / KOMA) NetJets Aviation 1L775 CL35 (N775QS) Departed 10:16 MST
Jan 18 13:30 MST Morris (KMOX) N708DC B350 (N708DC) Departed 13:28 MST
Jan 20 16:00 MST Phoenix (PHX / KPHX) Cutter Aviation CTF420 - Departed 16:57 MST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 16 17:30 MST Glendale (KGEU) NetJets Aviation 1L359 C680 (N359QS) Landed
Jan 17 08:09 MST Scottsdale (KSDL) NetJets Aviation 1L775 CL35 (N775QS) Landed

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