Camdenton Memorial-Lake Regional Airport (KOZS)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 20 06:45 CDT Columbia (COU / KCOU) N608KK PA46 (N608KK) Departed 06:50 CDT
Mar 21 08:00 CDT Springfield (SGF / KSGF) Premier Flight Center (USA) OZT723 - Departed 08:03 CDT
Mar 21 09:00 CDT Springfield (SPI / KSPI) N232FJ SR22 (N232FJ) Departed 09:23 CDT
Mar 21 16:00 CDT Bolingbrook (K1C5) N6182A BE20 (N6182A) Departed 16:42 CDT
Mar 22 17:30 CDT Macomb (KMQB) N383AS BE9L (N383AS) Departed 17:44 CDT
Mar 24 15:00 CDT Monroe (MLU / KMLU) N4360M PA34 (N4360M) Departed 15:04 CDT
Mar 25 07:30 CDT Marathon (KMTH) N6182A BE20 (N6182A) Departed 07:42 CDT
Mar 25 14:30 CDT St Louis (KSUS) N800VA C550 (N800VA) Departed 11:16 CDT
Mar 25 16:03 CDT Iowa City (KIOW) N64400 PA24 (N64400) Departed 16:43 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 15:25 CDT Bolingbrook (K1C5) N6182A BE20 (N6182A) Landed
Mar 25 07:02 CDT Bolingbrook (K1C5) N6182A BE20 (N6182A) Landed

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