Marfa Municipal Airport (KMRF)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 16 20:15 CST Fort Stockton (KFST) N161SD C650 (N161SD) Departed 20:18 CST
Feb 17 08:50 CST Dallas (KRBD) N1221S SW2 (N1221S) Departed 09:10 CST
Feb 17 11:15 CST Dallas (ADS / KADS) N736SR SR22 (N736SR) Departed 11:25 CST
Feb 18 14:30 CST Seattle (BFI / KBFI) N161SD C650 (N161SD) Departed 15:02 CST
Feb 20 12:30 CST Phoenix (PHX / KPHX) N113JT BE36 (N113JT) Departed 12:52 CST
Feb 20 13:30 CST Dallas (ADS / KADS) N13XS LNC4 (N13XS) Departed 13:03 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 17 13:37 CST Van Nuys (KVNY) East Coast Jets Inc ( Allentown Pa ) ECJ25 - Landed
Feb 23 14:30 CST Jackson (JAC / KJAC) N606JF H25B (N606JF) Est. Arrival 15:51 CST

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