Eastern Wv Regional Shepherd Field (KMRB)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 18 06:30 EDT Roanoke (ROA / KROA) N404DP BE20 (N404DP) Departed 06:40 EDT
Mar 18 11:02 EDT Fort Meade(Odenton) (KFME) N6948C P28R (N6948C) Departed 11:34 EDT
Mar 20 11:36 EDT Charlottesville (CHO / KCHO) N2715L C172 (N2715L) Departed 12:32 EDT
Mar 20 14:00 EDT Leesburg (KJYO) N5294W C172 (N5294W) Departed 14:37 EDT
Mar 20 19:13 EDT Manassas (KHEF) Aviation Adventures AVL140 - Departed 19:38 EDT
Mar 21 16:00 EDT Shelbyville (KGEZ) N560RP C560 (N560RP) Departed 14:33 EDT
Mar 21 - Poughkeepsie (POU / KPOU) N227GA BE9L (N227GA) Unknown
Mar 22 11:30 EDT Fredericksburg (KEZF) N567AB SR22 (N567AB) Departed 13:02 EDT
Mar 24 06:45 EDT Manteo (KMQI) N404DP BE20 (N404DP) Departed 06:47 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 08:11 EDT Jackson (KJXN) N560RP C560 (N560RP) Landed

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