Madera Municipal Airport (KMAE)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 13 10:30 PST Van Nuys (KVNY) N15XM C550 (N15XM) Departed 10:39 PST
Feb 13 11:00 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N95TD C560 (N95TD) Departed 12:39 PST
Feb 14 09:00 PST Hayden (HDN / KHDN) N215DA CL30 (N215DA) Departed 10:22 PST
Feb 14 11:45 PST San Jose (SJC / KSJC) N15XM C550 (N15XM) Departed 12:11 PST
Feb 14 18:00 PST Lake Havasu City (KHII) N15XM C550 (N15XM) Departed 18:53 PST
Feb 15 10:00 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N923AS BE20 (N923AS) Departed 10:06 PST
Feb 15 10:30 PST Marysville (KMYV) N541B BE20 (N541B) Departed 10:14 PST
Feb 16 09:00 PST Las Vegas (KHND) N700SX TBM7 (N700SX) Departed 10:08 PST
Feb 16 12:35 PST Fresno (KFCH) N735TT C182 (N735TT) Departed 12:35 PST
Feb 18 19:30 PST Ontario (ONT / KONT) N15XM C550 (N15XM) Departed 19:59 PST
Feb 19 12:30 PST Provo (KPVU) N469DN C560 (N469DN) Departed 14:10 PST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 13 17:21 PST Van Nuys (KVNY) N15XM C550 (N15XM) Landed
Feb 15 08:30 PST Corcoran (24CL) N541B BE20 (N541B) Landed
Feb 17 16:33 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N41BA BE9L (N41BA) Landed
Feb 18 13:48 PST Hayden (HDN / KHDN) N215DA CL30 (N215DA) Landed
Feb 18 22:51 PST Seattle (BFI / KBFI) N469DN C560 (N469DN) Landed

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