UTC 01:40

Lorain County Regional Airport (KLPR)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 11 03:30 EDT Akron (CAK / KCAK) Berry Aviation BYA748 - Departed 03:15 EDT
Jun 11 09:00 EDT Columbus (KOSU) N313AM P28B (N313AM) Departed 09:18 EDT
Jun 11 15:20 EDT Dublin (KPSK) Alliance Air Charter TTX8013 FA20 (N962AA) Departed 14:12 EDT
Jun 11 16:45 EDT Delaware (KDLZ) N629ST PA46 (N629ST) Departed 09:05 EDT
Jun 11 17:30 EDT Detroit (YIP / KYIP) N208GT SR20 (N208GT) Departed 18:54 EDT
Jun 12 10:30 EDT Charleston (CRW / KCRW) N732ZH P210 (N732ZH) Departed 11:01 EDT
Jun 14 08:30 EDT Caldwell (CDW / KCDW) N723SD SR22 (N723SD) Departed 09:26 EDT
Jun 14 08:35 EDT Jackson (KJXN) N797MA PA46 (N797MA) Unknown
Jun 14 16:00 EDT Lexington (KEXX) N770JF PA31 (N770JF) Departed 16:43 EDT
Jun 14 16:15 EDT Lorain/Elyria (KLPR) N8333T P28A (N8333T) Departed 16:43 EDT
Jun 15 07:30 EDT White Plains (HPN / KHPN) N299JW SR22 (N299JW) Departed 08:55 EDT
Jun 15 08:30 EDT Charleston (CRW / KCRW) N732ZH P210 (N732ZH) Departed 08:50 EDT
Jun 15 13:50 EDT Traverse City (TVC / KTVC) N4183C C182 (N4183C) Departed 14:05 EDT
Jun 16 - Nappanee (KC03) N797MA P46T (N797MA) Unknown
Jun 17 19:30 EDT Troy (KVLL) N94AK P32R (N94AK) Unknown
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