French Valley Airport (KF70)

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Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 16 09:50 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N13069 C172 (N13069) Departed 10:01 PST
Jan 16 13:30 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N5810F PRM1 (N5810F) Departed 12:57 PST
Jan 16 14:33 PST San Diego (KMYF) N576NM S22T (N576NM) Departed 14:47 PST
Jan 16 - Chino (KCNO) N539CD SR22 (N539CD) Departed 13:35 PST
Jan 16 17:35 PST Santa Ana (SNA / KSNA) N3243C B36T (N3243C) Departed 18:20 PST
Jan 18 08:20 PST Fullerton (FUL / KFUL) N13069 C172 (N13069) Departed 08:23 PST
Jan 18 09:00 PST Las Vegas (KHND) N774MA MU2 (N774MA) Departed 10:14 PST
Jan 18 12:00 PST Durango (DRO / KDRO) N259SC BE9L (N259SC) Departed 12:02 PST
Jan 19 06:30 PST Redding (RDD / KRDD) N9268R PA46 (N9268R) Departed 06:27 PST
Jan 19 09:30 PST Truckee (KTRK) N149DL PC12 (N149DL) Departed 09:57 PST
Jan 20 - Boise (BOI / KBOI) N516CB PC12 (N516CB) Departed 08:19 PST
Jan 20 13:30 PST Van Nuys (KVNY) N330CF M20T (N330CF) Departed 13:24 PST
Jan 21 17:00 PST Burbank (BUR / KBUR) N930DF TBM9 (N930DF) Departed 17:10 PST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jan 16 - Van Nuys (KVNY) NetJets Aviation 1L306 C680 (N306QS) Landed 06:55 PST

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