Addington Field (KEKX)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 16 10:30 EDT Columbus (KTZR) N8598S C182 (N8598S) Departed 10:37 EDT
Mar 17 10:00 EDT Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ / KSRQ) N560CE C56X (N560CE) Departed 10:04 EDT
Mar 19 14:00 EDT Teterboro (TEB / KTEB) XOJET XOJ551 CL30 (N551XJ) Departed 14:41 EDT
Mar 19 16:25 EDT Tuscaloosa (TCL / KTCL) XOJET XOJ578 CL30 (N578XJ) Departed 17:08 EDT
Mar 20 14:30 EDT Nashville (KJWN) N9690U AA5 (N9690U) Departed 14:53 EDT
Mar 21 13:00 EDT Dyersburg (KDYR) N3698D BE36 (N3698D) Departed 13:12 EDT
Mar 21 15:00 EDT Buffalo (BUF / KBUF) N657DM C560 (N657DM) Departed 17:02 EDT
Mar 21 15:00 EDT Atlanta (PDK / KPDK) N54KJ EA50 (N54KJ) Departed 16:19 EDT
Mar 22 09:00 EDT Denver (APA / KAPA) N36BL LJ31 (N36BL) Departed 09:30 EDT
Mar 22 13:00 EDT Atlanta (KRYY) N8373D P28A (N8373D) Departed 13:47 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 11:38 EDT Terre Haute (HUF / KHUF) N657DM C560 (N657DM) Landed 11:33 EDT
Mar 21 12:04 EDT Atlanta (PDK / KPDK) N54KJ EA50 (N54KJ) Landed 11:38 EDT

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