Dalton Municipal Airport (KDNN)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 11 - Winder (WDR / KWDR) N649ME SR22 (N649ME) Unknown
Mar 11 14:15 EDT Huntsville (KMDQ) N9149Q M20P (N9149Q) Departed 13:47 EDT
Mar 11 19:15 EDT Vidalia (KVDI) N3231B PA32 (N3231B) Departed 19:25 EDT
Mar 12 16:30 EDT Casablanca (TTA / GMMT) N5760R M20P (N5760R) Departed 16:24 EDT
Mar 13 18:00 EDT Aiken (AIK / KAIK) N750H BE58 (N750H) Departed 18:28 EDT
Mar 14 - Cartersville (KVPC) N999SF BE9L (N999SF) Unknown
Mar 14 10:55 EDT Greenville (GMU / KGMU) N89KB B36T (N89KB) Departed 11:25 EDT
Mar 14 14:00 EDT Monroe (KEQY) N27NP AEST (N27NP) Departed 14:03 EDT
Mar 16 09:15 EDT Clarksville (KCKV) N7592S C182 (N7592S) Departed 10:03 EDT
Mar 17 18:05 EDT Anniston (ANB / KANB) N759UW C182 (N759UW) Departed 18:10 EDT
Mar 18 11:00 EDT Athens (AHN / KAHN) N752VA BE36 (N752VA) Departed 11:11 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 14 10:35 EDT Anniston (ANB / KANB) N999SF BE9L (N999SF) Landed
Mar 15 12:42 EDT Claxton (KCWV) N78BA BE9L (N78BA) Landed

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