Driggs Reed Memorial Airport (KDIJ)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 08:30 MDT Palm Springs (KTRM) N121VM C525 (N121VM) Departed 14:41 MDT
Mar 19 10:00 MDT Santa Teresa (KDNA) N500H GA5C (N500H) Departed 10:11 MDT
Mar 21 11:00 MDT Palm Springs (KTRM) N363BS C25M (N363BS) Departed 11:45 MDT
Mar 22 14:00 MDT Palm Springs (KTRM) N650JC C680 (N650JC) Departed 15:09 MDT
Mar 23 12:00 MDT Little Rock (LIT / KLIT) N6AE C525 (N6AE) Departed 11:57 MDT
Mar 23 15:15 MDT Reno (RNO / KRNO) N111JM C510 (N111JM) Departed 15:13 MDT
Mar 25 07:30 MDT Las Vegas (KVGT) N700HK TBM7 (N700HK) Departed 07:50 MDT
Mar 25 15:30 MDT San Rafael (CA35) N1220A PC12 (N1220A) Departed 15:15 MDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 25 16:02 MDT Palm Springs (KUDD) N650JC C680 (N650JC) Landed

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