Columbus County Municipal Airport (KCPC)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 20 11:00 EDT Lancaster (LNS / KLNS) N508WG SR22 (N508WG) Departed 13:57 EDT
Mar 20 16:55 EDT Georgetown (GED / KGED) N287DS SR22 (N287DS) Departed 17:35 EDT
Mar 21 11:15 EDT Florence (FLO / KFLO) N2296F C310 (N2296F) Departed 11:19 EDT
Mar 21 13:26 EDT Boca Raton (BCT / KBCT) N230MW C421 (N230MW) Departed 13:42 EDT
Mar 22 11:30 EDT Plymouth (KPYM) N7258B BE58 (N7258B) Departed 12:49 EDT
Mar 22 13:05 EDT Naples (APF / KAPF) N12GT SR22 (N12GT) Departed 13:01 EDT
Mar 23 13:45 EDT West Palm Beach (KF45) N60717 AEST (N60717) Departed 14:18 EDT
Mar 24 10:00 EDT Madisonville (KMNV) N4282B BE35 (N4282B) Departed 10:34 EDT
Mar 24 14:30 EDT West Palm Beach (KF45) N436MA P32R (N436MA) Departed 15:12 EDT
Mar 24 15:15 EDT Naples (FA37) N225CA PAY1 (N225CA) Departed 15:45 EDT
Mar 24 21:00 EDT Currituck (KONX) N5689V P28A (N5689V) Est. Departure 21:00 EDT
Mar 26 13:00 EDT Stella Maris (SML / MYLS) N113MC P46T (N113MC) Departed 13:21 EDT
Mar 26 13:15 EDT Whiteville (KCPC) N36SE BE36 (N36SE) Departed 13:07 EDT
Mar 26 14:45 EDT Venice (KVNC) N999NG P46T (N999NG) Departed 14:45 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 09:45 EDT Rock Hill (KUZA) N557AP B350 (N557AP) Landed
Mar 26 10:50 EDT Allentown (ABE / KABE) N113MC P46T (N113MC) Landed
Mar 26 14:18 EDT Bedford (BED / KBED) N999NG P46T (N999NG) Landed

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