Clearwater Air Park (KCLW)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 15 19:00 EDT Morristown (MMU / KMMU) N120NC BE20 (N120NC) Departed 19:29 EDT
Mar 16 12:25 EDT St Petersburg-Clearwater (PIE / KPIE) N3003Q P28A (N3003Q) Departed 12:31 EDT
Mar 16 13:15 EDT Dunnellon (KX35) N8139V SR22 (N8139V) Departed 13:25 EDT
Mar 16 16:15 EDT Lawrenceville (LZU / KLZU) N47FA SR22 (N47FA) Departed 16:48 EDT
Mar 17 10:00 EDT Defuniak Springs (K54J) N224GR SR22 (N224GR) Departed 11:01 EDT
Mar 17 10:00 EDT Winchester (KBGF) N403PK C182 (N403PK) Departed 09:55 EDT
Mar 17 14:40 EDT Macon (KMAC) N3888T P28A (N3888T) Departed 14:50 EDT
Mar 17 15:00 EDT Douglas (KDQH) N350XR PA46 (N350XR) Departed 15:02 EDT
Mar 18 07:15 EDT Homestead (KX51) N89PM PA46 (N89PM) Departed 07:18 EDT
Mar 18 10:30 EDT St Petersburg-Clearwater (PIE / KPIE) N878SA C172 (N878SA) Departed 10:40 EDT
Mar 18 12:20 EDT Orlando (KISM) N331ED SR22 (N331ED) Departed 12:35 EDT
Mar 19 09:20 EDT Gainesville (GNV / KGNV) N952RT SR22 (N952RT) Departed 09:23 EDT
Mar 19 12:45 EDT Miami (OPF / KOPF) N85KM C25A (N85KM) Departed 13:12 EDT
Mar 21 16:00 EDT Hilton Head Island (HHH / KHXD) N8953G C182 (N8953G) Departed 15:08 EDT
Mar 22 12:00 EDT Vero Beach (VRB / KVRB) N878SA C172 (N878SA) Departed 12:08 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 16 15:49 EDT Fort Pierce (FPR / KFPR) N403PK C182 (N403PK) Landed

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