Crystal River Airport (KCGC)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 20 09:30 EDT Atlanta (PDK / KPDK) FlexJet LXJ417 E545 (N417FX) Departed 10:08 EDT
Mar 20 13:45 EDT Brooksville (KBKV) N6182F C182 (N6182F) Departed 13:54 EDT
Mar 20 15:00 EDT West Palm Beach (KF45) N811JA C55B (N811JA) Departed 15:09 EDT
Mar 21 11:00 EDT Fort Lauderdale (FLL / KFLL) N627DB E50P (N627DB) Departed 11:45 EDT
Mar 21 12:40 EDT Pontiac (KPTK) N95ER BE20 (N95ER) Departed 13:07 EDT
Mar 22 08:30 EDT Savannah (SAV / KSAV) N227NS PC12 (N227NS) Unknown
Mar 22 10:30 EDT Toccoa (KTOC) N811JA C55B (N811JA) Departed 10:43 EDT
Mar 22 11:30 EDT Atlanta (KCCO) N290MC BE9L (N290MC) Departed 11:44 EDT
Mar 23 09:11 EDT Toccoa (KTOC) N811JA C55B (N811JA) Departed 09:12 EDT
Mar 23 14:15 EDT New Smyrna Beach (KX50) N13974 C172 (N13974) Departed 14:18 EDT
Mar 26 17:00 EDT Orlando (SFB / KSFB) CONN447 SR20 (N471DA) Departed 14:51 EDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 21 10:01 EDT Pontiac (KPTK) N95ER BE20 (N95ER) Landed
Mar 22 13:20 EDT Toccoa (KTOC) N811JA C550 (N811JA) Landed

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