Coulter Field (KCFD)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 10:00 CDT Cotulla (KCOT) N958TP BE30 (N958TP) Departed 10:11 CDT
Mar 19 14:45 CDT Fort Worth (AFW / KAFW) N802SL P46T (N802SL) Departed 14:51 CDT
Mar 22 08:30 CDT Fort Worth (FTW / KFTW) N56WP C550 (N56WP) Departed 08:19 CDT
Mar 22 15:00 CDT Fredricksburg (TS36) N9VM M7 (N9VM) Est. Departure 19:22 CDT
Mar 23 13:00 CDT Dallas (DAL / KDAL) N5079C BE35 (N5079C) Departed 13:15 CDT
Mar 23 13:00 CDT Oklahoma City (OKC / KOKC) N958TP BE30 (N958TP) Departed 13:16 CDT
Mar 24 09:00 CDT Pearsall (KT30) N792GW C182 (N792GW) Departed 09:24 CDT
Mar 24 23:40 CDT Baton Rouge (BTR / KBTR) N496MA DA40 (N496MA) Departed 23:41 CDT
Mar 25 10:45 CDT Cotulla (KCOT) N315G BE55 (N315G) Departed 10:54 CDT
Mar 25 15:30 CDT Fort Worth (FTW / KFTW) N462PT SR22 (N462PT) Departed 15:34 CDT
Mar 25 18:45 CDT Dallas (KTKI) N6081E P46T (N6081E) Departed 18:46 CDT
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Mar 19 22:08 CDT Pecos (KPEQ) N6081E P46T (N6081E) Landed

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