UTC 04:46

Byron Airport (KC83)

Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Jun 20 - Rio Vista (KO88) N6332T C82R (N6332T) Departed 12:04 PDT
Jun 20 11:05 PDT Half Moon Bay (KHAF) N733BE C172 (N733BE) Departed 11:24 PDT
Jun 21 08:00 PDT Eugene (EUG / KEUG) N232PL SR20 (N232PL) Departed 07:46 PDT
Jun 23 16:08 PDT Grants Pass (K3S8) N8885W P28B (N8885W) Departed 16:13 PDT
Jun 25 09:45 PDT Camarillo (KCMA) N7MZ C501 (N7MZ) Departed 10:37 PDT
Sorry but we don't have any flight of this airport for this request

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