Middleton Municipal Morey Field (KC29)

Weather updated at: - UTC
Date Time To Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 11 06:30 CST Minneapolis (KFCM) N288WT S22T (N288WT) Departed 06:46 CST
Feb 13 11:20 CST Janesville (KJVL) N5303T C172 (N5303T) Departed 11:15 CST
Feb 13 - Chicago/West Chicago (DPA / KDPA) N25ME F260 (N25ME) Departed 09:51 CST
Feb 13 14:00 CST New Ulm (KULM) N414TD C414 (N414TD) Departed 14:15 CST
Feb 15 07:30 CST Milwaukee (MKE / KMKE) Freight Runners Express FRG1524 BE99 (N699CZ) Departed 07:30 CST
Feb 15 09:45 CST Pawtucket (KSFZ) N425GC C425 (N425GC) Departed 11:02 CST
Feb 15 13:30 CST Rice Lake (KRPD) N299CW C525 (N299CW) Departed 14:02 CST
Feb 16 11:15 CST Duluth (DLH / KDLH) N344DD SR20 (N344DD) Departed 11:14 CST
Date Time From Airline Flight Aircraft Status
Feb 13 13:59 CST Little Falls (KLXL) N414TD C414 (N414TD) Landed

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